Well This Sucks

By: Joe Pohoryles

The past 24 hours have been unfathomable.

Last night, I watched as my school, Boston University, won the Patriot League basketball championship, clinching their first NCAA tournament appearance since 2011. I could not wait to fill my brackets with BU upsets through the first round, and rooting hard for them on the national stage.

I could not wait to root for my childhood team, the University of Maryland, and see them (hopefully) make a deep run. Now, neither will occur, as March Madness has been canceled.

Who knows if I’ll even get a chance to watch my team play in the tournament as a student. I only have three more chances, and it may take another nine years to get back. Maybe more. Either way, my “loss” pales in comparison to the actual players who fought so hard to get back there. They deserve better than this. Every player on every team does.

Besides basketball, the Patriot League’s spring sports have been canceled, too. As has the Ivy League. So has Duke University and the University of Kansas. More will follow.

The NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB have all suspended their seasons, and the NFL’s status is still in limbo as of right now. The sports world is in the beginning of an unprecedented standstill. What is normally among the best months in sports has quickly become a nightmare.

It’s pretty impossible to place blame on any person or organization. It’s a public health crisis — one that has already impacted notable people in the sports and entertainment industry — which will take weeks, even months, to settle down. As a sports fan, this is by far one of the worst, most bizarre days in history.

It seems we will have to find other ways to entertain ourselves. You can find me heading to YouTube and binging all the March Madness highlights I can find. I urge everyone out there to fire up their PlayStations and Xboxes to simulate the rest of the NBA season on 2K. Hell, I may dust off the old Wii and go hit some dingers with Mario Super Sluggers, for old time’s sake.

The world does not make sense right now, in the sense of sports or otherwise. There is no way to predict how things will progress because of how unprecedented these actions are. All we can do is hope things will return to normal sooner rather than later.

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