The Pohory-list: Top 10 Rival Cities

By: Joe Pohoryles Red Sox-Yankees. Ohio State-Michigan. Chestnut-Kobayashi. In every sport, rivalries enhance the viewing experience for sports fans. It can add stakes and bragging rights to otherwise inconsequential games. It bands a fanbase together against a common enemy. Rivals are the players/teams that you love to hate. The Washington teams have plenty of rivals,Continue reading “The Pohory-list: Top 10 Rival Cities”

More depth moves for Redskins on first day of league year

By: Joe Pohoryles The 2020 NFL league year officially started today at 4 pm EST. Contract negotiations have been allowed for the past few days in the “legal tampering” period, but the new season starts today. The Redskins did not make any big splashes to start the year, and saw more big names in positionsContinue reading “More depth moves for Redskins on first day of league year”