The Pohory-list: Weirdest Minor League Team Names

By: Joe Pohoryles Looking at all the big-time players on Washington’s teams today, it’s easy to name the ones who jumped on to the scene right away. Alex Ovechkin and John Wall are both former No. 1 overall picks who pretty much instantly became the best player on their respective teams. Max Scherzer joined theContinue reading “The Pohory-list: Weirdest Minor League Team Names”

Wizards at All-Star weekend

By: Joe Pohoryles Starting tonight and going through Sunday, the 2020 NBA All-Star weekend will take place in Chicago, and while no one on the Wizards made the All-Star team — namely Bradley Beal — there are a few who will be taking part in the weekend’s festivities. Beal missed the cut despite posting averagesContinue reading “Wizards at All-Star weekend”