Five Takeaways from the Washington Football Team’s opening win

Author’s note: The lack in activity over the past few weeks is due to the fact that I recently moved back on to campus for school and needed some time to adjust to my new schedule. Now that I’ve settled in, I plan to get back into a regular cycle. I won’t have the timeContinue reading “Five Takeaways from the Washington Football Team’s opening win”

Worst draft picks of the decade

By: Joe Pohoryles With the NFL draft in the rearview, this would normally be the time when the NBA and NHL lotteries would commence, and the mock draft speculation would really heat up. While there has been mock drafting, the dates for the upcoming drafts are in limbo, and with MLB making their own alterationsContinue reading “Worst draft picks of the decade”

NFL All-DMV Team

By: Joe Pohoryles In the Washington, D.C. Metro area (affectionately known as the DMV), NFL football is in two polar camps. The Baltimore Ravens were amongst the NFL’s best, and with 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson at the helm, look to contend for Super Bowls for at least the next few years. Meanwhile, the Washington RedskinsContinue reading “NFL All-DMV Team”

Players to watch at NFL Combine

By: Joe Pohoryles The NFL Scouting Combine takes place every year just a couple months before the draft, where teams can scout prospects in a number of drills and interviews. Every year, fans marvel over the player with the fastest 40-yard dash time, check Twitter to read about the weirdest interview questions, and laugh atContinue reading “Players to watch at NFL Combine”

Making the case for which team Redskins fans should root for in the AFC playoffs

By: Joe Pohoryles Tomorrow marks the start of the divisional round for the NFL playoffs. It’s one of the most exciting times of the year, where the best teams in the league battle it out all weekend long in their fight to this year’s Super Bowl. With the elimination of the New England Patriots duringContinue reading “Making the case for which team Redskins fans should root for in the AFC playoffs”