The Pohory-list: Weirdest Minor League Team Names

By: Joe Pohoryles Looking at all the big-time players on Washington’s teams today, it’s easy to name the ones who jumped on to the scene right away. Alex Ovechkin and John Wall are both former No. 1 overall picks who pretty much instantly became the best player on their respective teams. Max Scherzer joined theContinue reading “The Pohory-list: Weirdest Minor League Team Names”

DC Sports By The Numbers (0-9)

By: Joe Pohoryles The Washington, D.C. sports teams have seen plenty of athletes do incredible things while representing the nation’s capital. One of the most recognizable features of these athletes is the numbers they sport on their uniforms. As we forge on in these times with little going on in the sports world, I willContinue reading “DC Sports By The Numbers (0-9)”