Washington Wizards 2010s All-Decade Team

John Wall soars in for a layup against the Detroit Pistons on Dec. 16, 2016. Wall has made an All-NBA team in addition to five All-Star teams since being drafted as the franchise savior in 2010. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons).

By: Joe Pohoryles


*= still on team


G: John Wall* (2010-2019)

G: Bradley Beal* (2012-2019)

Need I explain either of these?

1st and 3rd overall picks, respectively. Seven combined All-Star appearances. One All-NBA point guard, and one should-be All-NBA shooting guard. The unquestionable faces of the franchise. ‘Nuff said.


F: Otto Porter Jr. (2013-2019)

F: Markieff Morris (2016-2019)

C: Marcin Gortat (2013-2018)

No disrespect to these three, but the quality drops off significantly after Wall and Beal. Porter had some good seasons, but never really became what one would expect from a third overall pick (albeit, he came from a notoriously weak 2013 draft class… sigh, twelve picks before Giannis). That said, he improved every season and became a reliable starter, and sits as the third-most tenured Wizard of the decade behind the All-Star backcourt, playing parts of six seasons.

Morris arrived in a deadline trade in 2016 and served as the team’s main power forward for several solid seasons before departing in another deadline trade to the Thunder.

Gortat was Wall’s main pick-and-roll partner, leading him to a top ten 2-pt field goal percentage in the league across three consecutive seasons (2015-2017). His defense deteriorated down the stretch, but the Polish Hammer played a key role in each playoff run as the main center of the decade.


F: Nenê Hilário (sixth man) (2012-2016)

Difficult decision between him and Morris, as both put up similar stats in the same role, but a prime Morris was a better player than Nenê playing on the wrong side of 30. Would not be a stretch to consider him the All-Decade PF, as he played a big role in turning the Wizards into a perennial playoff team before his departure.

F: Kelly Oubre Jr. (2015-2019)

“Wave Papi” took the league by storm on the fashion circuit before making too much noise on the court, but the promise he showed in his first three-and-a-half professional seasons was undeniable. In his sophomore and third year, he played 160 of 164 possible games, averaging double-digit points (11.8) for the first time in the latter season. He has jumped to the next level since being traded to the Suns, this year averaging 17.1 points as a starter for their best team in years. Barring a return, his best years will not be in Washington, but he still made his mark on this team.

F: Paul Pierce (2014-2015)

Pierce made a greater impact for the Wizards in just one season than countless others did in recent memory, and it feels weird to put him here, but Game 3 against the Hawks in the 2015 second round, where he “called game,” is the second-greatest Wizards playoff moment of the decade behind Wall’s Game 6 “This is my city!” series-saving three against the Celtics in 2017 (as sad as that list may be). Pierce had a series-saving shot of his own in Game 6 of that Hawks series waved off, ending the season and his time as a Wizard.

Pierce will always be remembered as a Celtic, but his 2015 playoffs and the leadership he instilled in Wall and Beal stamped its mark on the franchise, and I believe he should be recognized for that.

Honorable Mention: I did not want to make the bench all forwards, but the next best guards essentially boiled down to Tomas Satoransky and Garrett Temple. Sato performed admirably in Wall’s place last season, and was a serviceable bench piece, but only had one strong season (without the same impact as Pierce). Temple was nothing more than a backup guard who really only comes into the conversation due to his length of time with the team, and I didn’t feel either justified a true position, but I’ll leave them in as honorable mention as if we had to fill backup guard spots in this All-Decade roster.

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