Caps reveal new Reverse Retro jerseys

Adidas partnered with the NHL to create a new series of jerseys for all 31 NHL teams. The new alternate jerseys take a spin on a retro jersey from the franchise’s past. The Capitals have their classic late-90s era “Screaming Eagle” sweater, although now the color scheme is red, white and blue as opposed to the original blue, black and gold.

The immediate reception online is mixed. Some are already emptying their pockets while others are revolted by the combination of the old logo and new color scheme. For an alternate jersey to be worn on occasion, I think it works.

I personally hated the blue, black and gold color scheme and nearly all of the jerseys that came with it. The original white Screaming Eagle was the only one I could stomach, so I think Adidas made a good choice reprising that one.

I’ll admit the Screaming Eagle looks unnatural in red, white and blue, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. I would not mind adding it to my jersey collection, and I think it’s a nice switch-up from the normal logo in front.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think this Reverse Retro jersey looks better than most of the other ones around the league, especially when teams like the Oilers, Islanders and Flyers have ones that barely look different.

Back in April, I ranked the four DC teams’ alternate uniforms over the past 15 years, and if I add these new Reverse Retros to the rankings, I’d say they fall somewhere in the 5-7 range. These are far from the worst, but I wouldn’t call them the best alternates in recent memory.

I’m really looking forward to seeing these on the ice in real life, as that will be the true environment to judge how good they look, but for now, it’s nice to get some NHL buzz going as the offseason slowly moves along.

Cover Photo Credit – Washington Capitals

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