In our first Superflex mock draft following the NFL Draft, it was no surprise to see quarterbacks flying off the board in the first round. But maybe one quarterback selected was a little eye-opening.

The draft started with Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen and Joe Burrow with four of the first five picks. Justin Fields went at No. 8 overall, Lamar Jackson at No. 9 and then Justin Herbert at No. 10. Those quarterbacks being drafted in Round 1 in a Superflex league is expected. But then it happened.

At No. 11 overall, Anthony Richardson was drafted, and I love it. He's definitely risky in his rookie campaign, but Richardson has top-five upside because of his dual-threat ability with his legs. He could be a 2,500-yard passer and 1,000-yard rusher, and if that happens -- along with a healthy amount of touchdowns and limited turnovers -- Richardson will be a Fantasy star.

Now, those are lofty expectations for Richardson with the Colts. To put it in perspective, there have only been four seasons where a quarterback has rushed for 1,000 yards (Michael Vick in 2006, Lamar Jackson in 2019 and 2020 and Justin Fields in 2021). Of those four, only Jackson has passed for more than 2,500 yards (twice). 

But if you're selecting Richardson in Round 1, you're hoping he reaches his ceiling, and I like being aggressive at quarterback, even in this format. Drafting Richardson gives you a tremendous chance to win if he's successful. Thomas Shafer selected Richardson, and he also drafted Deshaun Watson (Round 2) and Sam Howell (Round 10) as his other quarterbacks, so hopefully he's fine if Richardson flops.

I closed out Round 1 with Trevor Lawrence at No. 12 overall, and there were 13 quarterbacks selected in the first two rounds. Only three managers drafted two quarterbacks with their first two picks, but five managers had two quarterbacks after Round 3.

Heath Cummings was the lone manager to not draft a quarterback in the first three rounds, but he went with Kyler Murray in Round 4, Jimmy Garoppolo in Round 8, Kenny Pickett in Round 9, Mac Jones in Round 11 and Will Levis in Round 12. While his quarterbacks are less than ideal, he's loaded elsewhere on his roster.

Heath has Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders, Antonio Gibson and Ezekiel Elliott at running back. At receiver, Heath has Ja'Marr Chase, Tyreek Hill, Deebo Samuel, Rashod Bateman and Jalin Hyatt. And Dallas Goedert is his tight end. If Murray is healthy after last year's torn ACL, and one of Garoppolo, Pickett, Jones or Levis prove to be a competent starter, Heath's team should be highly formidable. This is a great blueprint to follow if you want to be patient at quarterback.

I didn't go totally quarterback heavy with my draft, but I did select Lawrence in Round 1, Russell Wilson in Round 4 and Desmond Ridder in Round 10. I wanted to get at least one standout quarterback at No. 12 overall, and Lawrence has top-five upside.

I took a Zero RB approach and didn't select my first running backs until Cam Akers in Round 7 and David Montgomery in Round 8. This was after Lawrence, Travis Kelce, Jaylen Waddle, Wilson, Amari Cooper and D.J. Moore with my first six picks, and I love this start.

I'm excited about my running back corps despite being patient at the position since I drafted Alexander Mattison, Roschon Johnson, Devin Singletary and Jaylen Warren along with Akers and Montgomery. Mattison could be a steal in Round 10 if the Vikings move on from Dalvin Cook, and that seems like a strong possibility. 

If Mattison is starting for the Vikings this season, he'll likely be drafted as early as Round 5 in this format and Round 4 in one-quarterback leagues. I also love the upside for Johnson, who could emerge as the starter for the Bears ahead of Khalil Herbert and D'Onta Foreman.

I filled out my receiving corps with Nico Collins and Wan'Dale Robinson, and I'm excited about this roster. This should be a playoff team in 2023.

In this league, all touchdowns are worth six points, and we award one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving and one point for every 25 yards passing. We also award one point for every reception. We feature a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE) and Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE) with six reserves for a 15-round draft.

Our draft order is as follows:

1. Frank Stampfl, FBT Podcast Host
2. Daniel Schneier, Fantasy Editor
3. Meron Berkson, CBS Sports HQ Producer
4. Dave Richard, Senior Fantasy Writer
5. Zach Brook, FFT Social Media Coordinator
6. R.J. White, Managing Editor, SportsLine and CBS Fantasy
7. Heath Cummings, Senior Fantasy Writer
8. George Maselli, Fantasy Editor
9. Chris Towers, Senior Editor, Fantasy Sports
10. Adam Aizer, FFT Podcast Host
11. Thomas Shafer, FFT Podcast Producer
12. Jamey Eisenberg, Senior Fantasy Writer

Round By Round
Round 1
1Frank StampflP. MahomesQB KC
2Dan SchneierJ. HurtsQB PHI
3Meron BerksonJ. JeffersonWR MIN
4Dave RichardJ. AllenQB BUF
5Zach BrookJ. BurrowQB CIN
6R.J. WhiteC. McCaffreyRB SF
7Heath CummingsJ. ChaseWR CIN
8George MaselliJ. FieldsQB CHI
9Chris TowersL. JacksonQB BAL
10Adam AizerJ. HerbertQB LAC
11Thomas ShaferA. RichardsonQB IND
12Jamey EisenbergT. LawrenceQB JAC
Round 2
13Jamey EisenbergT. KelceTE KC
14Thomas ShaferD. WatsonQB CLE
15Adam AizerA. EkelerRB LAC
16Chris TowersC. KuppWR LAR
17George MaselliB. RobinsonRB ATL
18Heath CummingsT. HillWR MIA
19R.J. WhiteS. BarkleyRB NYG
20Zach BrookA. BrownWR PHI
21Dave RichardJ. TaylorRB IND
22Meron BerksonT. TagovailoaQB MIA
23Dan SchneierA. RodgersQB NYJ
24Frank StampflD. PrescottQB DAL
Round 3
25Frank StampflS. DiggsWR BUF
26Dan SchneierG. WilsonWR NYJ
27Meron BerksonC. LambWR DAL
28Dave RichardK. CousinsQB MIN
29Zach BrookD. JonesQB NYG
30R.J. WhiteG. SmithQB SEA
31Heath CummingsJ. JacobsRB LV
32George MaselliA. St. BrownWR DET
33Chris TowersT. PollardRB DAL
34Adam AizerD. AdamsWR LV
35Thomas ShaferD. HenryRB TEN
36Jamey EisenbergJ. WaddleWR MIA
Round 4
37Jamey EisenbergR. WilsonQB DEN
38Thomas ShaferN. ChubbRB CLE
39Adam AizerM. AndrewsTE BAL
40Chris TowersR. StevensonRB NE
41George MaselliT. HigginsWR CIN
42Heath CummingsK. MurrayQB ARI
43R.J. WhiteJ. GoffQB DET
44Zach BrookB. HallRB NYJ
45Dave RichardD. SmithWR PHI
46Meron BerksonD. CarrQB NO
47Dan SchneierC. RidleyWR JAC
48Frank StampflT. EtienneRB JAC
Round 5
49Frank StampflC. OlaveWR NO
50Dan SchneierJ. DobbinsRB BAL
51Meron BerksonN. HarrisRB PIT
52Dave RichardK. AllenWR LAC
53Zach BrookC. WatsonWR GB
54R.J. WhiteD. MetcalfWR SEA
55Heath CummingsM. SandersRB CAR
56George MaselliJ. GibbsRB DET
57Chris TowersD. HopkinsWR ARI
58Adam AizerA. JonesRB GB
59Thomas ShaferD. PierceRB HOU
60Jamey EisenbergA. CooperWR CLE
Round 6
61Jamey EisenbergD. MooreWR CHI
62Thomas ShaferT. HockensonTE MIN
63Adam AizerJ. LoveQB GB
64Chris TowersJ. MixonRB CIN
65George MaselliK. Walker IIIRB SEA
66Heath CummingsD. SamuelWR SF
67R.J. WhiteD. LondonWR ATL
68Zach BrookR. WhiteRB TB
69Dave RichardK. PittsTE ATL
70Meron BerksonG. KittleTE SF
71Dan SchneierT. McLaurinWR WAS
72Frank StampflJ. JeudyWR DEN
Round 7
73Frank StampflJ. ConnerRB ARI
74Dan SchneierD. SwiftRB PHI
75Meron BerksonC. GodwinWR TB
76Dave RichardG. PickensWR PIT
77Zach BrookK. ToneyWR KC
78R.J. WhiteD. CookRB MIN
79Heath CummingsD. GoedertTE PHI
80George MaselliC. StroudQB HOU
81Chris TowersM. PittmanWR IND
82Adam AizerC. KirkWR JAC
83Thomas ShaferD. JohnsonWR PIT
84Jamey EisenbergC. AkersRB LAR
Round 8
85Jamey EisenbergD. MontgomeryRB DET
86Thomas ShaferM. WilliamsWR LAC
87Adam AizerJ. WilliamsRB DEN
88Chris TowersT. LockettWR SEA
89George MaselliT. BurksWR TEN
90Heath CummingsJ. GaroppoloQB LV
91R.J. WhiteM. EvansWR TB
92Zach BrookI. PachecoRB KC
93Dave RichardA. KamaraRB NO
94Meron BerksonK. HerbertRB CHI
95Dan SchneierD. WallerTE NYG
96Frank StampflJ. CookRB BUF
Round 9
97Frank StampflJ. DotsonWR WAS
98Dan SchneierB. CooksWR DAL
99Meron BerksonA. DillonRB GB
100Dave RichardJ. AddisonWR MIN
101Zach BrookD. AchaneRB MIA
102R.J. WhiteB. YoungQB CAR
103Heath CummingsK. PickettQB PIT
104George MaselliB. PurdyQB SF
105Chris TowersS. PerineRB DEN
106Adam AizerM. StaffordQB LAR
107Thomas ShaferM. BrownWR ARI
108Jamey EisenbergD. RidderQB ATL
Round 10
109Jamey EisenbergA. MattisonRB MIN
110Thomas ShaferS. HowellQB WAS
111Adam AizerG. DavisWR BUF
112Chris TowersT. LanceQB SF
113George MaselliZ. CharbonnetRB SEA
114Heath CummingsA. GibsonRB WAS
115R.J. WhiteB. AiyukWR SF
116Zach BrookZ. FlowersWR BAL
117Dave RichardD. HarrisRB BUF
118Meron BerksonM. ThomasWR NO
119Dan SchneierJ. Smith-NjigbaWR SEA
120Frank StampflE. EngramTE JAC
Round 11
121Frank StampflQ. JohnstonWR LAC
122Dan SchneierB. Robinson Jr.RB WAS
123Meron BerksonJ. Smith-SchusterWR NE
124Dave RichardR. TannehillQB TEN
125Zach BrookA. ThielenWR CAR
126R.J. WhiteR. PennyRB PHI
127Heath CummingsM. JonesQB NE
128George MaselliD. NjokuTE CLE
129Chris TowersB. MayfieldQB TB
130Adam AizerJ. WilsonRB MIA
131Thomas ShaferJ. WilliamsWR DET
132Jamey EisenbergR. JohnsonRB CHI
Round 12
133Jamey EisenbergN. CollinsWR HOU
134Thomas ShaferC. SuttonWR DEN
135Adam AizerJ. MingoWR CAR
136Chris TowersP. FreiermuthTE PIT
137George MaselliR. DoubsWR GB
138Heath CummingsW. LevisQB TEN
139R.J. WhiteD. SchultzTE HOU
140Zach BrookJ. BrissettQB WAS
141Dave RichardJ. WilliamsRB NO
142Meron BerksonO. Beckham Jr.WR BAL
143Dan SchneierJ. McKinnonRB KC
144Frank StampflT. BigsbyRB JAC
Round 13
145Frank StampflE. MooreWR CLE
146Dan SchneierT. ChandlerRB MIN
147Meron BerksonD. ForemanRB CHI
148Dave RichardS. MooreWR KC
149Zach BrookD. KincaidTE BUF
150R.J. WhiteJ. MeyersWR LV
151Heath CummingsR. BatemanWR BAL
152George MaselliC. OkonkwoTE TEN
153Chris TowersD. MooneyWR CHI
154Adam AizerE. MitchellRB SF
155Thomas ShaferA. LazardWR NYJ
156Jamey EisenbergD. SingletaryRB HOU
Round 14
157Jamey EisenbergW. RobinsonWR NYG
158Thomas ShaferI. HodginsWR NYG
159Adam AizerR. MostertRB MIA
160Chris TowersI. AbanikandaRB NYJ
161George MaselliN. DellWR HOU
162Heath CummingsE. ElliottRB DAL
163R.J. WhiteJ. Metchie IIIWR HOU
164Zach BrookT. AllgeierRB ATL
165Dave RichardK. GainwellRB PHI
166Meron BerksonK. OsbornWR MIN
167Dan SchneierM. WhiteQB MIA
168Frank StampflK. MillerRB NO
Round 15
169Frank StampflJ. JohnsonTE NO
170Dan SchneierC. BrownRB CIN
171Meron BerksonK. TraskQB TB
172Dave RichardZ. JonesWR JAC
173Zach BrookR. ShaheedWR NO
174R.J. WhiteJ. FordRB CLE
175Heath CummingsJ. HyattWR NYG
176George MaselliT. SpearsRB TEN
177Chris TowersL. FournetteRB TB
178Adam AizerM. Valdes-ScantlingWR KC
179Thomas ShaferM. DavisRB DAL
180Jamey EisenbergJ. WarrenRB PIT
Team by Team
Frank Stampfl
11P. MahomesQB KC
224D. PrescottQB DAL
325S. DiggsWR BUF
448T. EtienneRB JAC
549C. OlaveWR NO
672J. JeudyWR DEN
773J. ConnerRB ARI
896J. CookRB BUF
997J. DotsonWR WAS
10120E. EngramTE JAC
11121Q. JohnstonWR LAC
12144T. BigsbyRB JAC
13145E. MooreWR CLE
14168K. MillerRB NO
15169J. JohnsonTE NO
Dan Schneier
12J. HurtsQB PHI
223A. RodgersQB NYJ
326G. WilsonWR NYJ
447C. RidleyWR JAC
550J. DobbinsRB BAL
671T. McLaurinWR WAS
774D. SwiftRB PHI
895D. WallerTE NYG
998B. CooksWR DAL
10119J. Smith-NjigbaWR SEA
11122B. Robinson Jr.RB WAS
12143J. McKinnonRB KC
13146T. ChandlerRB MIN
14167M. WhiteQB MIA
15170C. BrownRB CIN
Meron Berkson
13J. JeffersonWR MIN
222T. TagovailoaQB MIA
327C. LambWR DAL
446D. CarrQB NO
551N. HarrisRB PIT
670G. KittleTE SF
775C. GodwinWR TB
894K. HerbertRB CHI
999A. DillonRB GB
10118M. ThomasWR NO
11123J. Smith-SchusterWR NE
12142O. Beckham Jr.WR BAL
13147D. ForemanRB CHI
14166K. OsbornWR MIN
15171K. TraskQB TB
Dave Richard
14J. AllenQB BUF
221J. TaylorRB IND
328K. CousinsQB MIN
445D. SmithWR PHI
552K. AllenWR LAC
669K. PittsTE ATL
776G. PickensWR PIT
893A. KamaraRB NO
9100J. AddisonWR MIN
10117D. HarrisRB BUF
11124R. TannehillQB TEN
12141J. WilliamsRB NO
13148S. MooreWR KC
14165K. GainwellRB PHI
15172Z. JonesWR JAC
Zach Brook
15J. BurrowQB CIN
220A. BrownWR PHI
329D. JonesQB NYG
444B. HallRB NYJ
553C. WatsonWR GB
668R. WhiteRB TB
777K. ToneyWR KC
892I. PachecoRB KC
9101D. AchaneRB MIA
10116Z. FlowersWR BAL
11125A. ThielenWR CAR
12140J. BrissettQB WAS
13149D. KincaidTE BUF
14164T. AllgeierRB ATL
15173R. ShaheedWR NO
R.J. White
16C. McCaffreyRB SF
219S. BarkleyRB NYG
330G. SmithQB SEA
443J. GoffQB DET
554D. MetcalfWR SEA
667D. LondonWR ATL
778D. CookRB MIN
891M. EvansWR TB
9102B. YoungQB CAR
10115B. AiyukWR SF
11126R. PennyRB PHI
12139D. SchultzTE HOU
13150J. MeyersWR LV
14163J. Metchie IIIWR HOU
15174J. FordRB CLE
Heath Cummings
17J. ChaseWR CIN
218T. HillWR MIA
331J. JacobsRB LV
442K. MurrayQB ARI
555M. SandersRB CAR
666D. SamuelWR SF
779D. GoedertTE PHI
890J. GaroppoloQB LV
9103K. PickettQB PIT
10114A. GibsonRB WAS
11127M. JonesQB NE
12138W. LevisQB TEN
13151R. BatemanWR BAL
14162E. ElliottRB DAL
15175J. HyattWR NYG
George Maselli
18J. FieldsQB CHI
217B. RobinsonRB ATL
332A. St. BrownWR DET
441T. HigginsWR CIN
556J. GibbsRB DET
665K. Walker IIIRB SEA
780C. StroudQB HOU
889T. BurksWR TEN
9104B. PurdyQB SF
10113Z. CharbonnetRB SEA
11128D. NjokuTE CLE
12137R. DoubsWR GB
13152C. OkonkwoTE TEN
14161N. DellWR HOU
15176T. SpearsRB TEN
Chris Towers
19L. JacksonQB BAL
216C. KuppWR LAR
333T. PollardRB DAL
440R. StevensonRB NE
557D. HopkinsWR ARI
664J. MixonRB CIN
781M. PittmanWR IND
888T. LockettWR SEA
9105S. PerineRB DEN
10112T. LanceQB SF
11129B. MayfieldQB TB
12136P. FreiermuthTE PIT
13153D. MooneyWR CHI
14160I. AbanikandaRB NYJ
15177L. FournetteRB TB
Adam Aizer
110J. HerbertQB LAC
215A. EkelerRB LAC
334D. AdamsWR LV
439M. AndrewsTE BAL
558A. JonesRB GB
663J. LoveQB GB
782C. KirkWR JAC
887J. WilliamsRB DEN
9106M. StaffordQB LAR
10111G. DavisWR BUF
11130J. WilsonRB MIA
12135J. MingoWR CAR
13154E. MitchellRB SF
14159R. MostertRB MIA
15178M. Valdes-ScantlingWR KC
Thomas Shafer
111A. RichardsonQB IND
214D. WatsonQB CLE
335D. HenryRB TEN
438N. ChubbRB CLE
559D. PierceRB HOU
662T. HockensonTE MIN
783D. JohnsonWR PIT
886M. WilliamsWR LAC
9107M. BrownWR ARI
10110S. HowellQB WAS
11131J. WilliamsWR DET
12134C. SuttonWR DEN
13155A. LazardWR NYJ
14158I. HodginsWR NYG
15179M. DavisRB DAL
Jamey Eisenberg
112T. LawrenceQB JAC
213T. KelceTE KC
336J. WaddleWR MIA
437R. WilsonQB DEN
560A. CooperWR CLE
661D. MooreWR CHI
784C. AkersRB LAR
885D. MontgomeryRB DET
9108D. RidderQB ATL
10109A. MattisonRB MIN
11132R. JohnsonRB CHI
12133N. CollinsWR HOU
13156D. SingletaryRB HOU
14157W. RobinsonWR NYG
15180J. WarrenRB PIT