Hunter Kills Giant Non-Typical Mule Deer in Wyoming High Country

After multiple days in the backcountry, a hunter in Wyoming has bagged the mule deer buck of a lifetime. The massive muley, still in full velvet, was killed by Bo Gardner, and according to his guide Thomas Baker of Buro Crazy Outfitters, the deer was about 10 years old. “When me and my son first found the buck in July, I forgot about everything else and lived with this deer,” Baker said in an Instagram post. “Staying at a distance and watching him was so special, and I had to pinch myself all the time realizing what I was watching!” He said the deer went completely nocturnal sometime during the month of August. After that, his sightings were usually limited to about one to two minutes per day.

The Real Reason Why The Linux Logo Is A Penguin

There are many examples of memorable logos associated with various applications in the tech-sphere, one of which is the penguin image, most notably associated with Linux, a well-known open-source operating system. There is usually a number of reasons why a company would choose a certain emblem to represent its brand, as well as the services it offers. Quite often, the symbol signifies something important to the individual or group that started the enterprise.

Red squirrel shuts down Scottish bakery for two days

Sept. 26 (UPI) -- A bakery in Scotland has been closed for two days due to the presence of an unusual burglar -- a protected red squirrel. The Greggs bakery in Pitlochry was closed Sunday after a red squirrel was found living in the roof the previous day, and the squirrel was photographed through a window wandering around the closed business.

Itchy Black Bear Appears to Dance on Pole

Occurred on September 23, 2022 / Alberta, Canada Info from Licensor: "I took this video in Northern Alberta of a cool black bear with crazy talent. She was gnawing on a power pole, using it and the splinters to satisfy an itch. When she turned towards me I thought she'd run, but she stood up and continued to scratch her back on the pole. Quite genius, IMO. Also, I'm no pole dancing expert, but think the itchy black bear's got talent."

The Problem with White Shark Regulations

Newly passed legislation in California, Assembly Bill 2109, aiming to beef up protection for great white sharks, has left anglers wondering how to comply while targeting other fish, especially other species of shark. The great white was already a protected species in California, and intentionally targeting them has been illegal...

Famous Bull Moose Killed in Battle With Bigger Moose

A bull moose known for his enormous stature has sadly died following a battle with another larger bull. Two hikers came upon the dead animal while hiking in Alaska’s Chugach State Park on Sept. 20. As they were making their way through a densely forested area, they spotted him lying under the larger moose that had also died.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Just Designed a Seriously Stylish Sofa…for a Hamster

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s greatest design tool isn’t a measuring tape or SketchUp—it’s a shrink ray. For their debut collection with PetSmart, the interior designers scaled down some of their favorite furniture pieces to be hamster-, fish-, and lizard-friendly. Since the couple knew that so many small-pet owners hide away their unsightly habitats in back rooms or basements, they pulled inspiration for the pieces from design greats such as Constantin Brancusi and items in their personal possession, like the Swedish shearling settee in their Montauk home. Now you’ll actually want your betta fish or guinea pig to hang out with you in the living room. “It was fun for us to be like, let’s shrink it all and figure out how we can create environments people could blend with their own design styles,” says Berkus.

Hundreds of sea lions treated for domoic acid poisoning in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

A bloom of harmful algae is causing hundreds of sea lions to wash up on shore from poisoning in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. A harmful algal bloom, or HAB, is when types of algae rapidly grow and cause harmful effects on marine life and people. Central Coast sea lions in particular are affected by a neurotoxin produced by the algae, called domoic acid, which accumulates in shellfish and causes marine mammals to have seizures.

WATCH: Polar Bears Feast on a Whale Carcass in Alaska

Dozens of polar bears were discovered feasting on the remains of a whale carcass near Kaktovik, Alaska earlier this month. According to Unofficial Networks, Kaktovik is a small town that is located in the far north of Alaska on Barter Island. It has notably become a tourist destination to see polar bears. This is due to native Inupiat being permitted to kill three bowhead whales per year. A video of the feast was put on Facebook. The caption reads, “Polar bears having some breakfast in Kaktovik, [Alaska], today…”

Indiana Camper Shares Video of Strange Dragonfly Behavior – Here’s What is Really Happening

My understanding of nature is pretty basic, pretty elementary - but, thanks to the internet and articles like this, I am learning more and more, usually about the weirder side of nature. Actually, I don't think "weird" is the right word to use, so I'll go with "interesting" instead. I enjoy having several weird/unusual/interesting nuggets of information at my disposal at any given time, in fact, I'm about to share one of those nuggets with you right now.
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UNL student goes viral while documenting journey with pet bass

From a baby bass in a freshly stocked pond to a bluegill-devouring adult, TikTok has watched Gus the bass grow and develop through the eyes of 19-year-old influencer Michael Wiebelhaus. Wiebelhaus, a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in marketing, caught the now-famous bass last year in a friend's...
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Cats ‘n Cage: Nicolas Cage-Inspired Art to Win Hearts at CatCon

You can probably name a whole luminous line-up of movie stars and the beautiful beasties they champion, from Linda Blair and her beloved dogs to George Clooney's pet pig Max. But meow is the time for one celebrity's animal adoration to take the spotlight, an obsessed-over headliner with a famous affection for felines.

Skin disease reported as cause of death for mountain lion in Santa Monica Mountains research study

A necropsy shows that a mountain lion which was part of an ongoing research study in the Santa Monica Mountains died as the result of a contagious skin disease. The big cat known as P-65 was found dead near a stream in the mountains in March. Biologists say she had a severe case of mange, which is caused by a mite parasite. But, they think that the mountain lion’s exposure to multiple types of rat poison might have weakened her immune system, and contributed to her death.

Flocks' sake: A South Coast exotic bird sanctuary is struggling

It may sound like a scratched vinyl record but visitors are greeted by the sound of Chewy singing a unique version of I left my heart in San Francisco. He’s an Amazon parrot, and one of 50 birds living at the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary in Summerland. Self-styled “crazy...