Biden press office snubs Atlanta’s hometown paper during Braves World Series visit

WASHINGTON — The White House press office on Monday surprisingly snubbed Atlanta’s top newspaper by barring two of its journalists from covering President Biden’s celebration of the Atlanta Braves‘ World Series championship. The stunning slight came about a week after Biden’s press agents turned away four Orthodox Jewish reporters from a presidential event on hate crimes in another confounding access decision. The Journal-Constitution’s Washington correspondent and a photographer unsuccessfully sought to attend the Braves event in the nearly 3,000 square foot East Room.  But the paper was told that just one person could go — meaning a sports writer was the only Journal-Constitution employee admitted, despite pleas for...

Harold Ford Jr.: American voters want 'practical solutions' this November

"The Five" co-host Harold Ford Jr. speaks on Democrats' strategy down the stretch as this November's midterms draw closer on "Special Report." HAROLD FORD JR.: But most Americans don't have the luxury of living their lives where they can be ideological. They want practical solutions. They want problem-solving. And I think Republicans are presenting a face of that in this election.

Cuba votes to legalize same-sex marriage, surrogacy

Cubans voted to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption as well as surrogate pregnancies in a referendum over the weekend, the communist country's electoral officials said Monday. The new code permits surrogate pregnancies as long as no money changes hands, and legally recognizes same-sex adoptions, as well as multiple fathers or mothers in addition to the biological parents.

Jesse Watters: When is the last time you saw someone excited and pumped up at a Biden rally?

Fox News host Jesse Watters reveals President Joe Biden's declining popularity ahead of the 2022 midterm elections on "Jesse Watters Primetime." JESSE WATTERS: Joe Biden's motorcade was cruising across Sixth Avenue, hundreds of people waiting for it to pass because the street was blocked off and as "The Beast" drove by and Biden waved out the window, nobody clapped. Nobody cheered. It was this like the president of Yugoslavia had driven by. Nobody cared.

MSNBC's Joy Reid claims 'neofascism won big in Italy' with Giorgia Meloni’s victory

MSNBC’s Joy Reid echoed her fellow members of the media by suggesting that Giorgia Meloni’s apparent victory in the Italian election was a big win for "neofascism." Early reports Sunday night revealed that Meloni and her right-wing Brothers of Italy political party were on track to win, making Meloni the first female prime minister in Italy. In addition, Meloni’s party, along with two other right-wing parties could control as much as 45% of the country’s Parliament.

Get to know the candidates for the 3rd Congressional Disrict

Come Nov. 8, Washington’s 3rd Congressional District will have a new representative in Congress for the first time since the 2010 election of Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Battle Ground. The race has drawn national news coverage, with Republican Joe Kent, of Yacolt, having earned the endorsement of former President Donald...
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Italy’s right-wing coalition scores broad victory in parliamentary elections

Rome, Sep 27 (SocialNews.XYZ) A right-wing coalition scored a broad victory in Italy's general election to form a new parliament, official results showed. As vote counting concluded in 99 per cent of polling stations across the country, nationalist Brothers of Italy was put at 26 per cent of the vote, according to data provided by the Interior Ministry on Monday evening.

Hot comments today: John Fetterman's Chances of Beating Dr. Oz as Crowds Seen at Rally

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman rallied in Philadelphia on Saturday as he looks to beat Dr. Mehmet Oz in the race for Senate. During the visit, the first since launching his bid to the Senate in February 2021, Fetterman gathered some 600 people, evenly split between White and Black voters. The vote of Black communities in Pennsylvania will be key for the Democratic candidate to win the state's Senate seat.
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Letter: GOP must stick to the issues

The midterm elections are about seven weeks away and the polls are showing that the various races in aggregate are about equal. Yet, the chasm between the Republican and Democrats is widening. Biden, the great divider, is one of the reasons. After watching his speech from Sept. 1, I was appalled. He castigated the 75 million citizens who voted for Trump.