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Review: BenchMade Modern Can Have a Custom Couch for You in Only a Few Weeks

It’s been said that moving, next to the death of a loved one, is one of the most stressful events you’ll experience in your lifetime. The excitement of starting anew and/or upgrading your current living situation should be motivation enough, but with emotions high and expectations low, any minor blip in this notoriously laborious process can bring a wave of exasperation that not even an adorable puppy, nor a stiff drink, can remedy. But perhaps the most annoying moving trend of recent is supply chain issues with mainstream furniture retailers, many of whom are currently offering an insane six-month to one-year...

10 Design Collabs We’re Loving Right Now—From Kwangho Lee, Serena Dugan Studio, and More

If the market’s latest debuts have any lesson to tell, it’s that the design community indeed works better together. From Kwangho Lee’s sustainable designs for Hem to CB2’s trove of updated Gianfranco Frattini designs, industry brands across categories are coming together to bring thoughtful new offerings to designers’ tool kits. Looking for the latest in furniture, decor, lighting, and beyond? Meet the industry’s latest dynamic duos.

This eight-legged table is both cute and a bit unnerving at the same time

Some people see tables as simply functional pieces of furniture. Purchases are made primarily based on utility, as long as they fit the space and the given surroundings. Some people, however, are also particular about how a table looks, whether it matches a room’s motif or better expresses their tastes and interests. Visually interesting tables serve dual purposes, providing a place for objects to lay on while piquing interest and sparking discussion. This table design concept is definitely one of the latter, especially if you’re the type to revel in oddities and peculiar things. If, on the other hand, you’re the kind that freaks out with anything that has more than four legs, this wood and glass center table might be your undoing.

6 Places Home Stagers Always Shop for Art

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Creel & Gow Hosts Launch Of Alex Papachristidis’ The Elegant Life

Designer Alex Papachristidis, a favorite of connoisseurs and aesthetes around the world, has just released a book of his most recent projects. The Elegant Life is a beautiful showcase of Papachristidis’ signature mixing of styles, and features work as far-reaching as Athens, and as close to home as his native New York.