If THC Percentage Doesn’t Matter, Why Not Just Smoke CBD?

Some of the most powerful cannabis strains have THC percentages in the teens. But they are falling out of favor as the market embraces strains that test above 30%. A recent Forbes article suggested that THC percentage is the cannabis industry’s biggest lie. True enough, the industry is polarized on this issue which unfortunately impacts heavily on the product that ends up on dispensary shelves.

Here's why so many medications are out of stock, and what to do if it affects you

Millions of people worldwide who use certain common medicines may be finding it more difficult to get their normal prescriptions dispensed. This comes after pharmacies across the U.K., the U.S. and Europe have all reported shortages of many different drugs, including those often prescribed for menopause, dementia, depression and pain.

Moderna Chief Medical Officer talks latest booster shots

JACKSON, Tenn. — Experts discuss a new booster vaccine to combat the COVID-19 omicron variant. Moderna has created a new messenger rna booster vaccine. This new vaccine is called a bivalent vaccine and contains two messenger rnas in it. One rna is for the original strain of COVID-19, and...

National study confirms that mRNA vaccines protect against serious COVID-19 during pregnancy

The first large, real-world study of the effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy found these vaccines, especially two initial doses followed by a booster, are effective in protecting against serious disease in expectant mothers whether the shots are administered before or during pregnancy. Pregnant women were excluded from COVID-19...

Having Trouble Getting Moderna's New COVID Booster Shot? Here's Why and When That Could Change

After reports of shortages involving Moderna's updated COVID-19 booster shot, additional doses have begun to arrive at pharmacies nationwide, and more are expected soon. The Food and Drug Administration said last week it authorized the release of 10 additional shipments, with each said to contain millions of doses of Moderna's bivalent booster. The CDC signed off on updated versions of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s booster shots on Sept. 1, and pharmacies and other vaccination sites began administering the new shots around Labor Day weekend.

What to know about new omicron booster

CLEVELAND CLINIC - With the new omicron booster now available to help prevent severe cases of COVID-19, some people may be wondering how it works or if they need it. Both Moderna and Pfizer are offering the new omicron booster. However, they do have different age restrictions. Moderna is only available to those 18 and older, while Pfizer can be given to those who are 12 and older. Doctors say the side effects are similar to what a person would experience with the original vaccine. For example, soreness at the site of the injection, fatigue, headache, and chills. There is a risk for myocarditis – which is inflammation of the heart -- but doctors point out that the risk is even higher if you were to contract COVID. So what if you already got the original vaccine and booster? You should still get this one. But you'll have to wait at least two months before doing so.

CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee – Decent Review

Do you know what honey sticks are? Because of their health advantages, they have become a new trend worldwide. This superfood is both nutritious and tasty. People are worried about which brand of CBD honey sticks they should buy. But you don’t need to worry about the issue because you came to the right place. In the article, we will provide you with the complete details of CBD honey sticks gold bee with reviews and how to use them. Their advantages and how long you can use the honey stick you have purchased from Gold Bee. Please stick with us to know about the product and its reviews.

What is rainbow fentanyl? Colorful pills drive new warnings about deadliest drug in the US

(CNN) — A new wave of concern has spread across the United States over multi-colored “rainbow fentanyl” pills, powders and blocks — that look similar to candy or sidewalk chalk — being sold and used in several states, and potentially posing a threat to young people. But parents of young children should not overly panic, and the […] The post What is rainbow fentanyl? Colorful pills drive new warnings about deadliest drug in the US appeared first on The Atlanta Voice.