Photographer Jessica Craig-Martin Shares Her Life in Parties

With her trusty Canon SLR camera in hand, the artist and upper-crust photographer Jessica Craig-Martin (below) documented some of the glitziest benefits, film premieres, and high-society soirées of the 1990s for a variety of glossy publications. But her knowing, unconventionally cropped snapshots—of sweaty air kisses between socialites long past the first bloom of youth, the garish accoutrements of wealth, and often uncomfortable behind-the-scenes moments—are less celebratory portraits than a permanent record of the alarming concentration of riches that characterized the decade. “They’re about the underbelly that lies just below society’s stained silk cummerbund,” says Craig-Martin, who, just like her raw and unflinching photos, doesn’t pull punches. The rise of gossip tabloids, 24-hour cable news, and paparazzi culture, she says, meant that “the polite veneer of gold leaf could not hold as it had 100 years before.” The access her camera provided allowed Craig-Martin to witness the decade’s excesses like no one else. “I slipped on a sequined Bill Blass hem, as it were,” she says, half-jokingly, “and landed in the molten epicenter of New York society’s most flagrant vanities and aspirations.”

Shocked Artist Finds Private Medical Photos in AI Training Data Set

An artist has found her private medical photos in a data set that is used to train artificially intelligent (AI) image generators. A San Francisco-based digital artist, who goes by the name Lapine, says that she found photos of herself in the LAION dataset, despite them being taken by a doctor and explicitly denying permission for the images to be shared anywhere.

Lion Photography Tips

Wildlife photography can be, well, wild — especially if you’re photographing the king of the jungle in its domain! Lions are ferocious predators, known to hunt in pride’s, taking down small to large prey like wildebeest and buck. While a photo of a male lion and his resplendent mane can certainly be impressive, lionesses, their cubs, and antics also make stunning subjects. In this YouTube video, Janine Krayer of Pangolin Photo Safaris offers her advice on shooting lions in the wild.
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Take part in this unique diaper photo challenge

Changing diapers is one of those things no one likes to do. Numbers show that nine out of ten parents experience a diaper issue with their children. Now ‘Mommy Blogger’ and influencer Jessica Shyba is breaking down the myths and discussing a photo movement. Shyba says that advertisers...
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Our world in photos: September 26

ITALY – When in Rome, bring your dog to vote: Eva, a one-and-a-half-year-old Lagotto, waited for her owner at a polling station in Rome last Sunday during an election. Photo: Alessandra Tarantino/AP.