Bills would curtail objections at future Jan. 6 vote counts

WASHINGTON (AP) — Members of Congress have officially objected to the results in four of the last six presidential elections, a partisan practice that has been legal for over a century but became much more fraught after a violent mob of former President Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol last year. In an effort to prevent another Jan. 6, 2021, bills moving through the House and Senate would make it harder to lodge those objections when Congress counts the electoral votes in a joint session after every presidential election. The move to curtail the objections is part of...

In Tokyo, Harris calls US-Japan alliance 'a cornerstone'

TOKYO (AP) — U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday shortly after arriving in Tokyo for the state funeral of assassinated former leader Shinzo Abe. Abe, a former prime minister who was assassinated in July, will be honored on Tuesday, and Harris is leading a U.S. delegation to pay its respects. “The alliance between Japan and the United States is a cornerstone of what we believe is integral to peace, stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region,” she said at the Akasaka Palace. Kishida said Abe “poured his heart and soul” into strengthening ties between their two countries.

Bailey keeps mum on Trump

Good Monday morning, Illinois. Shana Tova to everyone celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Republican governor candidate Darren Bailey won the endorsement of Donald Trump in the GOP primary, but he’s all but ignored the former president as he heads into November's General election. The big pivot: Bailey has “largely avoided answering...

Manchin’s permit bill highlights importance of administrative process

Last week, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) introduced his long-awaited bill intended to shorten the permitting process for energy projects. A key component of the bill is hastening reviews required by the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) for such projects. NEPA review, which requires that federal agencies assess the environmental impact of their actions (or those actions that require the agency’s permission to proceed), has long been a bugaboo of conservatives.

Congressional approval at highest point in 2022: Gallup

Americans’ approval of Congress rose slightly to 23 percent in September, the highest level in 2022, according to a new Gallup poll. The poll found a slight uptick from the 22 percent of Americans who indicated approval of Congress in Gallup’s August survey. The 117th Congress’s lowest approval rating of the year — 16 percent — was recorded in June.

Wyoming lawyers, judges slam Hageman’s ‘rigged election’ stance

Forty-one legal professionals accuse the Trump-endorsed congressional candidate of violating the oath of attorney and professional misconduct for false statements about the 2020 election. Maggie Mullen, WyoFile. A group of prominent Wyoming attorneys and retired judges called on congressional candidate Harriet Hageman to stop spreading misinformation about the 2020 election...

Former U.S. Capitol Police chief has deal for Jan. 6 book

NEW YORK (AP) — The chief of the U.S. Capitol Police during the Jan. 6 siege has a book deal. Steven A. Sund’s “Courage Under Fire: Under Siege and Outnumbered 58 to 1 on January 6” will come out Jan. 3, just shy of the two-year anniversary of the riot by supporters of President Donald Trump.

Crying voter fraud: The collapse of the American republic

The entire theory of a republic is representation, and representation relies entirely on the ability of people to have their views represented, rather than directly expressed. The only way this can take place is through fair selection of these representatives – in our case, through a majority vote by the eligible citizens. Without...

Student Loan Forgiveness: Can Biden Do That?

After President Biden announced that the federal government would forgive the student loans of millions of Americans, either in whole or in part, borrowers rejoiced. Yet the celebrations may have begun too soon. All told, the estimated amount of debt eligible for forgiveness totals between $300 million and $519 million, depending on whom one asks.

Judge rules against NYPD vaccine mandate for PBA members

NEW YORK (PIX11) – A judge on Friday ruled against the NYPD’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for members of New York City’s largest police union, directing the department to rehire officers who were fired for noncompliance. New York State Supreme Court Judge Lyle Frank ruled in favor of...

State Roundup: Judge says yes to early counting of mail-in ballots; Cox, Moore offer different approaches to Baltimore city

VOTE COUNTING CAN BEGIN EARLY, JUDGE RULES: The Montgomery County Circuit Court decided Friday to approve the Maryland State Board of Elections’ emergency petition to allow the early processing and counting of mail-in ballots. With the court’s approval, local boards of election can now begin canvassing and counting votes on Oct. 1. Votes will not be reported, only opened and counted. Emmett Gardner of CNS/MarylandReporter.
Journal Inquirer

Lamont, Stefanowski diverge on outlook for CT businesses

Gov. Ned Lamont and gubernatorial challenger Bob Stefanowski addressed the Connecticut Business and Industry Association Friday, with Lamont emphasizing investments in the workforce, small businesses and government efficiency over the last few years and Stefanowski focused on trimming government and cutting taxes. The Democratic and Republican candidates, both businessmen, shared...

AP News Summary at 8:19 a.m. EDT

Italy shifts to the right as voters reward Meloni's party. ROME (AP) — Near-final results show a party with neo-fascist roots, the Brothers of Italy, has swept Italy’s national elections. The victory looks set to deliver the first far-right-led government since World War II and make its leader, Giorgia Meloni, the first woman to become Italy’s premier. The country's lurch to the far right immediately shifted Europe’s geopolitical reality, placing a euroskeptic party in position to lead a founding member of the European Union and its third-largest economy. Europe’s right-wing party leaders immediately hailed Meloni’s victory and her party’s meteoric rise as sending a historic message to Brussels. Near-final results showed Meloni’s center-right coalition netting some 44% of the parliamentary vote. Turnout was a historic low 64%.