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Hilarious acts women pulled in 1958 to get a husband

A British woman has revealed the hilarious acts women pulled in the 1950s to bag a husband. Jordana Grace, who lives in Queensland, shared on Instagram the amusing top tips she found in a magazine from 1958 on 129 ways to find a husband. “Number 17. Be nice to ugly men because handsome is as handsome does,” she said in the clip. “Number 23. Go to all your high school reunions because there could be widowers there. “Number 30. Learn to paint and set up an easel outside of an engineering school. “Number 25. Go back to your home town because a wild boy next...
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Stressed? It May Make You Focus On Your Partner's Negative Behaviors

Stress can affect how people behave in a relationship, but how does it impact the way individuals see their significant others? Stressful life experiences may make someone more attuned to their partner's negative behaviors, researchers have found. For their new study, published Monday in the journal Social Psychological and Personality...

You’ll Never Guess What The Best Man Who Banged The Groom’s 23-Year-Old Daughter On The Wedding Night Does For A Living.

When 23-year-old “influencer” Stella Barey flew from L.A. to Montana for her dad’s wedding, with her best friend as her date, she probably wasn’t expecting to get laid. She certainly wasn’t expecting to get some from a guy she’s known since she was four. Especially, you know, since he was her dad’s best man. But, you know, things happen.
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90 Day Fiance’s Paul and Karine Staehle Have Had Many Ups and Downs: Find Out Their Relationship Status

Are they still together? 90 Day Fiancé couple Paul Staehleand Karine Staehle (née Martins) have had countless ups and downs throughout their tumultuous relationship ever since they made their debut on season 1 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, but they always seemed to be able to work through their issues. They made their departure from the TLC franchise in 2020 and have faced several struggles since then. But are they still together? Keep scrolling for an update on their relationship status.

Cuba legalizes gay marriage

Gay couple can now get married in Cuba. Voters on the island legalized gay marriage in a referendum yesterday.

Implement compliments in everyday conversation

It’s easy to recall for some people, but for others, it may be difficult. I believe that everyone should compliment people more, because … why not?. Compliments are rooted in courage. Therefore, when we give compliments, we know they could be received in a positive light or even reciprocated by the other person. Compliments are a nice gesture. However, we understand that those kind words could be received negatively as well, and a rude look or lack of acknowledgement could leave us feeling unappreciated or awkward.