Mosaic Shows Earliest Image of Jesus’ “Feeding the 5,000” Miracle

A 1,500-year-old mosaic depicting Jesus's feeding of the five thousand was discovered at an ancient city near the Sea of GalileeVintage News. An illustration of one of Jesus' miracles was discovered in the historic city of Hippos, which was located near the Sea of Galilee. A long-ago fire destroyed the ancient church, which is now only ruins. According to Daily Mail, the structure was constructed either in the latter half of the fifth century or the beginning of the sixth, and it was most likely burnt during the Sassanian Empire's takeover of the region in the seventh century.

Shrine discovered in Egyptian temple with evidence of previously unknown rituals

The Sikait Project research team, directed by Professor Joan Oller Guzmán from the Department of Antiquity and Middle Age Studies at the UAB, recently published in the American Journal of Archaeology the results obtained from the January 2019 excavation season at the ancient seaport of Berenike, located in Egypt's Eastern desert.
The Ringer

Tom Cruise and an Explosive Scientology Book

Matt is joined by Mike Rinder, former senior executive of the Church of Scientology. They discuss the moment he decided to leave Scientology, Tom Cruise’s current standing in the church, the impact of Top Gun: Maverick, the internet’s damning influence on the future of Scientology, and more—all detailed in his new book A Billion Years: My Escape from a Life in the Highest Ranks of Scientology.

The Church of England must work harder to welcome gay people

As a gay man and a practising Anglican, I was heartened to read Ben Bradshaw’s comments (C of E must welcome gay people or face questions in parliament, says MP, 4 October). I joined the Church of England because I perceived it as welcoming, open-minded and able to balance the importance of tradition with the demands of modern life. It’s been distressing to see the church take a harsher stance towards the LGBTQ+ community recently, especially after the embarrassment of this year’s Lambeth conference.

How a Moment Changed Zach Williams’ Faith

When Zach Williams sat down to write his new album, he thought about all the moments in his life that led him there. There were moments as a child growing up in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Moments as a young man when he made some bad decisions. And a moment on a bus when God changed Zach Williams’ faith forever. This album is his most personal. It tells his life’s story, which wasn’t always easy.
Idaho State Journal

Church of Jesus Christ publishes New Youth Guide

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has redesigned its guide for Latter-day Saint youth ages 11 to 18. The new guide, “For the Strength of Youth: A Guide for Making Choices,” is based on gospel principles, agency and inspiration. The new “For the Strength of Youth”...
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Life is a journey

We’ve all heard it said that life is a journey. And it’s true. But sometimes life’s challenges can cause you to lose hope and even to despair. In the book of Luke there were two men whose life challenges had caused them to lose hope. These men were Christ followers, but when Jesus died on the cross, they were stunned. And as they walked to Emmaus, their conversation revealed the depth of their pain. So, what was the matter? Their experience did not match their expectation. Their journey with Jesus had come to a sudden end. They expected more from Jesus… and hoped for something more from God.