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'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Offers Rare Mention of Barbara Walters

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg made a rare mention of Barbara Walters on Monday's episode. Walters, who turned 93 on Sunday, has rarely been seen in public since she retired in 2014 and made her final on-air appearance for ABC News in 2015. Goldberg's short birthday tribute to Walters came a few days after Sherri Shepherd mentioned how important Walters was as an influence.
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How to watch The Weather Channel without cable

There are a million ways to get information on the weather these days. Windows, for one. Computers for another. But for a lot of folks, it’s still all about The Weather Channel — the ubiquitous channel that, appropriately enough, is all about The Weather. And that’s true more...

'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Actually Want a Break as Disney+ Broadcast Becomes Exhausting

Commercials usually cause grumbling among television viewers, but some Dancing With the Stars fans are complaining about not having them now. This season is the show's first on Disney+, which means two-hour episodes are really 120 minutes. That forced producers to find inventive ways to fill over a half-hour of additional time they didn't have before.

Young Rock Season 1 Finally Returning to Streaming

The third season of Young Rock is set to debut on NBC this fall, but fans hoping to binge through Dwayne Johnson's TV origin story ahead of the new installment have met a bit of a roadblock. After being available to stream on Peacock when it first aired, the debut season of the series was taken off the streaming service. Fans wanting to watch through the whole series have had to purchase older episodes in order to check them out. That's finally changing next month.

The Voice Recap: A New Frontrunner Raises the Roof Along With the Bar

In some ways, every season of The Voice is the same, right? Early on — and it never fails — we wind up picking a favorite or favorites, only for them to wind up getting cut by the end of the Live Playoffs (if not sooner). But I really don’t think that’s going to happen with the four-chair turn who especially dazzled Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Camila Cabello in Monday’s episode. The artist in question — the last one reviewed down below — is blessed with a voice that just doesn’t quit — maybe because it’s so mammoth...

Where to Watch and Stream How to Change the World Free Online

Best sites to watch How to Change the World - Last updated on Sep 27, 2022. Best sites to stream: DIRECTV ,AMC+ Amazon Channel Sundance Now. Best sites to buy: Amazon Video ,Apple iTunes Google Play Movies YouTube Kino Now. Best sites to rent: Amazon Video ,Apple iTunes Google Play...

Where to Watch and Stream A Jungle Book of Regulations Free Online

Cast: Jacek Fedorowicz Halina Kowalska Jerzy Dobrowolski Stanisław Tym Stanisława Celińska. Nie ma róży bez ognia title in Polish: There is no rose without fire, in reference to two mixed up proverbs – There is no rose without thorns, and There is no smoke without the fire – is a Polish comedy film from 1974 directed by Stanisław Bareja.

Where to Watch and Stream Vanishing Free Online

Cast: Yoo Yeon-seok Olga Kurylenko Ye Ji-won Choi Moo-sung Lee Seung-joon. When a series of gruesome murders hit Seoul, the Korean investigation police has no choice but to ask help from world-renowned French doctor Alice Launey who developed a revolutionary technique for recognizing bodies. With more corpses on the way and a mysterious organ trafficking ring uncovered, things are about to get more dangerous in the land of the morning calm…

Celebs Take on "The King"! Who Went Home on 'Dancing With the Stars' Tonight?

Last week, a whole new group of stars and their professional partners hit the ground running (or dancing), with one couple not surviving the night. Now, for their second outing, the 15 remaining pairs tied on their blue suede shoes to dance to the works of Elvis Presley. And by the end, we were left wondering who was voted out of the competition.

The Cleaning Lady Showrunners Confirm [Spoiler]'s Episode 2 Fate: 'We're Watching the Rise of Arman'

The following post contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 2 of The Cleaning Lady. Villainous men of The Cleaning Lady‘s sophomore season, take note: There’s a strong chance you won’t make it out alive. One week after Thony’s husband Marco was killed off in the Fox drama’s Season 2 premiere, it was lights out for crime boss Hayak Barsamian, who died on Monday’s episode when Arman injected him with a lethal syringe during a tussle between the two men in the prison showers. “Without Arman’s prototypical father, and without Hayak backing him financially, supporting him, guiding him, who is Arman? We’re stripping Arman of everything...

Why People Think See Doesn’t Work

As one of the several stories that Jason Momoa has played a part in, See is one of those that has been the most divisive since, well, the idea of humanity being nearly wiped out by a virus that hasn’t been entirely defined, and rendered blind, is kind of a stretch that a lot of people can’t get behind. The whole idea of blindness becoming a genetic trait worldwide, with only a few individuals who can still see still in existence, appears to stretch the type of belief that a lot of people are capable of keeping. But add onto that the fact that these people don’t bump into each other that often, that they can ride horses, and they don’t happen to wander into one danger, or another is stretching things to the degree that a lot of folks can’t bend their minds around. The interesting fact about this show is that no one was really asking for it, and it wasn’t something that generated a lot of buzz before it was revealed. If anything, it was s project that featured Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista, two huge stars whose characters were bound to collide at one point.

‘Dancing With The Stars’: Find Out Whose Jive Wasn’t Enough To Keep Her In The Competition After Week 2

After reporting multiple cases of Covid in the last week, Dancing with the Stars returned to the Disney+ ballroom Monday to honor Elvis Presley and to showcase how much Tyra Banks towers over her hosting partner Alfonso Ribeiro. Those two need to stand at opposite sides of the stage! The pro lineup was unfortunately one hoofer short: Daniella Karagach tested positive for the virus overnight so her partner Joseph Baena had to mask up and perform with fill-in troupe dancer Alexis Warr. Let’s roll the tape on week 2! Cheryl Ladd and Louis Van Amstel. The duo took an adorable spin in a convertible...

Daddy Duty Helps Special Agent Timothy McGee Solve One of the Most Unusual Murders on 'NCIS'

It was art imitating life in Monday night’s “Daddy Issues” episode of NCIS when a case takes Special Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) into the lives of the fathers of the children of his children’s elementary school in the second episode of season 20. Murray has said that it reminded him of his days dropping his own kids off at school and it’s a fun episode with a completely different vibe.