Grandfather charged in hot car death of Alabama toddler returned to truck 3 times: 'I don't understand it'

Fox News
 4 days ago
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4d ago

Leaving children in a hot car to die is the latest get out of jail free card! Should be handled as a murder every time. And whoever does this should be sterilized. Therefore avoiding a repeat! 😡

Lucky Rice
4d ago

When, my kids was babies, that was the first thing I use to think about, when we was in a car my babies. Even if they were quiet & sleep. I never forgot, I just dnt see how anyone can forget a baby is in the car. To sit here & think how that baby cried, scream, & struggle to breathe just does some to me. Rip little one.

4d ago

I’m sure there is more to this story than we know. Maybe the grandfather has never had to drop the child off, & totally forgot he had him in his truck. No, that’s no excuse, but I’m sure this grandfather would rather die than live another day without his grandson. It’s very sad what happened, but I’m sure it was a total accident, & he didn’t purposefully intend to leave the child in the car. Prayers to the family during this difficult time.


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