White woman who called 911 on Black bird-watcher in Central Park loses her lawsuit against her former employer

NBC News
 4 days ago
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Precious Little MAGA Snowflakes
4d ago

Just like my father used to say to me growing up ... "yes you have freedom of speech, but with freedom comes responsibility and accountability. You can say what you want, but you can lose your job for it, lose everything. So speak responsibly."

4d ago

People of the African Diaspora have to be careful about their perspective in 'white folks problems'. Historically, and continuously, our engagement in that space never ends well for us. We must continue to pray 🙏 for God's mercy in all things and for everyone - and care for ourselves. We are constantly vulnerable from cradle to the grave. When folks SHOW and TELL us who they are, we MUST believe them!

Mario Valencia
4d ago

o poor thing now she knows the ramifications of being stupid. play stupid games win stupid prizes


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