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Fans are upset after EA promises to fix Sims 4 relationship bug

EA pledged to fix a Sims 4 bug that causes relationships to max out quickly in the life game, and some fans aren’t too...

Blizzard outlines Overwatch 2 Pride month celebrations

Blizzard announced a few plans for Overwatch 2 Pride celebrations and confirmed a few tidbits about certain heroes’ relationships

Overbeast is a Pokemon GO-alike with an eco-conscious heart

Liquid City wants to leave their mark on AR mobile games with their debut title Overbeast, a Pokemon GO-like with nature at its core...

Hit escape room indie game Escape Academy is expanding again

A new round of DLC is coming to Escape Academy, the popular escape room indie game from Coin Crew and Skybound, and it has...

There's already a new Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch

Days after Nintendo patched out a handy item bug, fans have already discovered a new, easier Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch